Interver Type Screw Compressors

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  • Energy saving environmentally friendly design
  • Fast investment return
  • Efficient operation with flexible compression intervals
  • Highest level of efficiency
  • Lowest energy consumption for applications with need for continuous air flow.
  • Long lived operation due to reciprocal coupling
  • Efficient transfer system due to elastic coupling
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  • High efficiency and energy-saving screw block.
  • Electrical motors with the standard of high efficiency.
  • Inverter- reciprocating drive.
  • Vibration-free and silent operation due to polyurethane coupling.
  • Reciprocating direct (1:1 coupling.
  • Variable starter speed due to frequency convector
  • PLC control unit.
  • Radiator with a tropical type of air-oil combination. Provide excellent cooling at high temperatures and are long-lasting.
  • Absorption valve providing high energy efficiency.
  • Thermostatic valve which secures the operation of the compressor always at the optimum temperature and prevents the condensation of the air inside the system.
  • Two-stage air absorption filter system.
  • Acoustic cabin with sound isolation.
  • Fully equipped security system.


  • Water cooling system
  • Temperature recovery system
  • Water separator
  • System voltage alternatives other than 380 V/ 3 Phases/ 50 Hz


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