BDH Series High Pressure Air Dryers

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40 Bar high pressure.

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The strong and resistant structure of the exchanger used in the Bold dryers makes them long-lived. The Copper plates perforated for the circulation of the air have a very special design and are welded to steel pipes by employing the latest suitable technology. Due to this very distinctive design, the product has a very low-pressure drop and is able to provide considerable energy savings.

Since the design of the exchanger is quite small and compact, consequently, the total size of the dryer is also small. Due to its different exchangers suitable for high pressure, Bold has the possibility to meet all the capacity and power needs of the market.

Finned exchanger

  • 10- 20 times larger surface area compared to the equivalents in the sector
  • Direct contact of the cold area formed by the coolant, with the compressed air
  • No external connection of the air/ economizer with the separator
  • Strong and resistant exchanger design
  • Special anti-corrosion protection
  • Excellent thermal isolation
  • Little need for cooling gas.

Separator Efficiency

  • Double centrifuge system due to bottom fins
  • Reverse direction of compressed air
  • Taking advantage of the gravity of the water to be evacuated
  • Special return system
  • System integrated separator

Cooling Cycle

  • The exchanger is filled by double valves (thermal and by-pass) and afterward, the exchanger gets maximum heat.
  •  A high-security leakage test is run as a leakage prevention measure.
  • The components used are of high quality and long life.
  • Fast running up and short reaction time.


SCROLL Compressor

  • Better power coefficient
  • Less energy consumption
  • More resistant to fluid shocks


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