BD Series Cooling Type Air Dryers

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  • Aluminum plate exchanger.
  • Compact design.
  • Digital control.
  • Installation and maintenance easiness.
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  • The small pressure drop protects the compressor’s efficiency.
  • The fact that it takes a short time to open and get the product ready for operation increases the production time.
  • All the dryers have been designed with the proper components to consume the least energy.
  • The cooler gas R 134 a, which provides high energy saving, is standard for all our models.
  • Bold’s unique latest technology exchanger design is providing much more energy saving compared to its competitors.
  • The Bold dryers, that use the best cooler compressors in their segment, are consuming less energy than their competitors.
  • Since the condenser fans are controlled with the pressure switches, the system operates always under the required conditions, fact which results in energy saving.

Compact Design

Apart from being quite reliable and efficient, Bold dryers have considerably convenient prices. Bold dryers can be easily used even in very small areas. The filters, which are supplied as standard in the Bold compressors, provide a major advantage to the technicians and end-users because under these conditions there is no further need to fix other filters and additional piping at the entry and exit of the dryer.  This integrated filter feature of the Bold dryers saves time, piping cost, and space.  The compact design also facilitates transportation and saves costs.

  • The Aluminum plate exchanger is a standard.
  • Low-Pressure drop
  • Thin Aluminum plate design
  • Large heat transfer surface area
  • Very strong due to the tank design thick in section
  • The optimization of the water separator for providing the best performance
  •  The water separator designed for the best performance


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