BFH Series High Pressure Air Filters

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High pressure, high performance

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Bold Compressor is manufacturing the 50 bar high-pressure air filters and the oil vapor separators without welding, from resistant and reliable Aluminum.

In the same way, it produces pressure air filters without welding from reliable steel material, resistant to 350 bar operating pressure.

High-Performance Anodized coating Aluminum Design

Bold Compressor High-Pressure Air Filters have quite a strong and resistant structure due to the non-welded design.

The product is quite thick in section and its performance is warranted according to the Bold Compressor’s in-house high-pressure test laboratories which are equipped with the latest technology.

The inner and outer surfaces of the Bold Compressor high-pressure filters with 50 bar maximum operating pressure are anodized, whereas our 350 bar carbon filters are painted with epoxy powder paints.


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