Foiled Bitumen Tapes (Bituminous Insulation Tape)

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Self-adhesive waterproofing tape is used on the roofs of buildings and at the joints of chimneys and streams. It provides excellent grip with its high strength adhesion feature and prevents deformation caused by sunlight with aluminum foil applied to its outer surface

Code No. Dimensions Thickness Color Packages / Pieces
MB-11             5cmx10mt 1,5 mm Aluminum 1/12 Roll
MB-12             10cmx10mt 1,5 mm Aluminum 1/6 Roll
MB-13             15cmx10mt 1,5 mm Aluminum 1/4 Roll
MB-14             20cmx10mt 1,5 mm Aluminum 1/3 Roll
MB-15             30cmx10mt 1,5 mm Aluminum 1/2 Roll


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