Flexible Rule Final Touch

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Flexible Rule Final Touch


  • Designed to accelerate Gypsum Plaster, Plaster, spray plaster, epoxy, putty and decorative paint applications and to improve the quality of the applicated surface.
  • PVC blade provides making smooth application of surfaces in wide range in a short time.
  • Two sides application surface of the PVC blade allows ergonomic and long life usage.
  • Through flexible structure of the PVC blade, there will be no accumulation of material on the surface due to dense material which dries in less time and unwanted cracks won’t occur.
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight aluminum construction gives increased comfort to the plasterer and reduce the effort during the work
  • Interchangeable PVC blade makes this product different ,extremely versatile and cost-effectiveness

How to use

Apply the material using plaster trowel. After plaster application, apply immediately the flexible rule and flatten back to complete finishing. Apply same application second time on the surface then use finishing trowel to complete adjustments and use rubber float up or sponge float according to the type of material used to finish the application.

Cleaning instructions
Clean PVC and aluminum surfaces applying cold water after applications to have long life and healthy use. Don’t use any chemicals or any equipment causes the scratches or erosion on the surface of PVC blade during the cleaning. In terms of application speed and quality, change old and well-worn PVC blade and replace it with new one after long term use.


Code Type A B
685 Aluminum Handle 150 MM 300 MM 1
686 Aluminum Handle 150 MM 600 MM 1
695 Aluminum Handle 150 MM 300 MM 12
696 Aluminum Handle 150 MM 600 MM 12

60 cm


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