Flat Painting Brush Platinium Series

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Made of natural bristle hair.
Hollow handle designs ergonomically in order to be fixed to the standard threaded sticks.
Pushing the button on the brush, the brush can be rotated 180 degrees thanks to the specific mechanism where the handle and brush meet.
Special handle system manufactured using the epoxy adhesive, is available for all kinds of water-based and solvent-based paint application, preventing loss of the hair of the brush.
Does not leave bristles during painting.
Clean up using paint thinner for long life usage.
Don’t use in any food production process.
Metal body is resistant against corrosion.
Our brush is designed based on international quality standards to be used several times for painting applications.
Brush is manufactured based on international standards in terms of the hair length, intensity and dimensions..1″=2,54 .


1,0", 1,5", 2,0", 2,5", 3,0", 4,0"


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