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Chain link is a traditional versatile product that can be utilized for many applications.  Chain link is manufactured from either galvanized only wire or a galvanized core and PVC coated wire that is formed and inter woven into a diamond pattern. Manufacture quality galvanised chain link fencing suitable for various sectors and applications. Chain link is available in different gauges of wire with thinner wires for standard fences and thicker wires for higher security applications.

Features and Benefits

-Easy to roll out and erect.

-Confidence and assurance that you have purchased one of the best chain link systems available.

-Available with knuckled or barbed ends.

-Chain link supplied with line wires as standard.

Galvanised & PVC chain link fence for commercial and residential applications including boundary/perimeter demarcation and security fencing.

The Chain Link Kits are an ideal option for small runs and enclosures as they include everything you will need except for the Postcrete to concrete in the posts.


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