BDM Series Modular Chemical Air Dryers

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  • Light and compact design.
  • Fast installation and maintenance.
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The new modular air dryer series, which is very light, has brought a new breath to the compressed air sector because these products are very easy to install and also can meet many of the customers’ needs.

The weight of Bold’s new series modular chemical dryers is equal to the side weight of the dryers with the tank. Among these products, even those with the highest capacity can pass through a regular standard door.

Bold’s innovative Modular Air Dryers have the flexibility of providing high-quality compressed air services wherever they are requested. Bold’s Modular Air Dryers look rather esthetic from the cosmetic point of view. For this reason, these products can be used in very clean and elegant places. This series can meet a large range of needs due to its rich variety of products ranging from 5 m3 /hour to  400 m3 / hour and from  -40o C to -70o C ( optional). In order to operate the product, it is sufficient to make the entry and exit connections, as well as the electricity connection.

Bold is proud to introduce on the market the dryer with the lowest pressure drop in the market due to the design of the entry valve and the exit manifold which are high-level engineering products. The new modular chemical dryers are providing a unique efficiency and flexibility and are carrying the world-known Bold reliability and clean, high quality, and dry air to your applications by integrating the quality proven conventional dryer principles with the latest technology.


  • Quick installation and maintenance.
  • Small base area, light, and compact design.
  • Aluminum body with anticorrosion protection.
  • Unproblematic, reliable control panel.
  • Installable on the ground, on the worktop, or on the wall
  • This is a product that can be installed in almost any workplace

Different   Application Alternatives

The modular chemical type air dryers, apart from being easily installed on the ground, can be installed also on the wall whenever it is necessary to make a safe place.

PLC Monitor

The Mini PLC is user-friendly and promptly reflects the working processes. Getting alarm signals from the product or using the remote control is rather easy due to the connection plug.


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