BDB Series Heated Chemical Air Dryers

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  • Measurement of the condensation point.
  • Computerized control.
  • Pressure indicator.
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Heated Type Chemical Dryers                                                                                                                                   

The regeneration of the dehumidifier from the compressed air is secured by the centrifugal blowing type engine and the high-efficiency heater.

The functioning of the drying system, which is completely automatic, consists of the absorption of atmospheric air by the engine that circulates it further through the heater.

This dry air circulated in the opposite direction of the drying air. The highly advanced automatic control system of the product provides energy saving by adjusting the condensation point and the heating/ regeneration.

  • Measurement of the condensation point.
  • Computerized control.Status imaging.
  • Alarm indicator.Pressure indicator.
  • Remote control.Low-pressure alarm.
  • Minimum pressure examination valve.
  • Measurement of the minimum pressure using the valve.
  • High-pressure switches and warnings.
  • Heated and unheated operation alternatives


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