BDA Series Unheated Chemical Air Dryers

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‘- 40 oC  stable condensation point.

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Unheated Type Chemical Dryers

The condensation point of the Bold BDA Series unheated type chemical dryers is – 40 oC stable, (-70 oC optional). These dryers are suitable for applications that need to blow clean and rather dry air. You have to use the Bold entry and exit filters with the dryers because in this way, on one side you can be sure that the compressed air is clean and on the other side the dehumidifier in the product would be protected. The reliable electronic controller fixed on the product is taking under warranty the impeccable operation of the product. The BDA Series unheated chemical dryers are equipped with special valves and high-quality dehumidifiers. Apart from these features, these products are chemical dryers with the lowest pressure drop on the market.

Functioning Principle

These double-tank products are separating uninterruptedly the water in the compressed air due to their humidity holder which is resistant to high hygroscopic impact and a large surface area/mass. During the drying process, while one tank is drying the compressed air, 18% of the dry air is transferred through an orifice to the other tank, thus providing the regeneration of this tank. No heater is used during regeneration.  The tank, where there is the dehumidifier saturated with humidity, is dried using the super dry air at atmospheric pressure.  The muffler speed of blowing the air outside (according to the required condensation point) can be adjusted according to the operation conditions of the dryer. The super-dry air enters from the opposite direction into the tank full of a wet dehumidifier and in this way the water previously held in the dehumidifier is separated. The BDA-type dryers are equalizing the pressure before changing the tank. This is preventing the pressure fluctuation in the line and the attrition of the humidifier. The tank which became again able to dehumidify is pressurized again before starting to hold humidity.  The flow direction inside the tank at the moment when the mufflers are evacuating the humidity and pressurization is done, is from top to bottom, whereas the direction of the air during drying is just opposite.


BDFA Series chemical dryers have quite a reliable electronic controller and for this reason, they are functioning excellently during their whole service life. These PLC dryers,, which have an interface with a touch screen, are able to display both the cycles and the valve movements at real-time. Moreover, they have the characteristic of showing the condensation point as well (this is optional). Due to the user-friendly PLC, which has a lot of language options, the user can easily detect, if necessary, any breakdowns which might occur.

Active Alumina

Bold Chemical dryers are using humidity holder chemicals with a very special content mixture which provides obtaining a stable condensation point. These chemicals are active alumina and/ or molecular sieve and/ or silica gel and are chosen according to the application.


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