3001 İzostop

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• Sealing mortar containing mineral filling and special cement, applicable as powder and mortar, water resistant, instant dry, actively preventing water leaks.


• Available in 5 kg pails

Field of Application

• To plug and dry the water leakages in foundations, basements, concrete walls of water tanks and concrete pipes, tunnels, reservoirs, etc. before the application of waterproofing materials.
• Repairing and waterproofing of cable and pipe holes,
• Repairing and waterproofing of tierod holes.


• Easy to use.
• Sets very rapidly.
• Waterproofs.
• Sets without shrinkage, non-cracking.
• Not corrosive for the concrete reinforcement.
• Excellent adhesion.
• High mechanical resistance.
• All kinds of waterproofing materials can be applied.


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