1301 Epotech A

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• Three-component, solvent-free, epoxy-resin-based, chemical resistant waterproofing tape adhesive.


• In 5 kg units and plastic pails (3 component)
• Component A: 2.500 kg
• Component B: 0.250 kg
• Component C: 2.250 kg

Field of Application

• Bonding of surface coating materials such as antiacid porcelain tiles, granite, etc,
• In industrial places where mechanical strength required,
• Bonding of metal profiles on concrete,
• Bonding of concrete, stone, metal, wood, PVC pieces on each other and in between.


• Excellent bonding.
• Highly resistant to heavy traffic.
• Easily trowellable.
• Can be applied on vertical surfaces even for bonding of heavy tiles without sagging.
• Excellent mechanical resistance.
• Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.
• Easy to apply with 60 minutes pot life at 25°C.


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